072604000 Filter Service Indicator - Remote Mount - 4-25 inHg

Brand: Racor
Product Code: 072604000

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  • £57.81 excl. VAT

“Filter Minder” Service Indicator is a precision Airflow Restriction Gauge designed to take the guesswork out of air cleaner filter replacement. Its operation is simple and virtually foolproof. As dirt captured by the filter cartridge gradually builds up, the system pressure drop increases and is indicated by the Filter Minder on an easy to-read scale. The indicator locks up at the point of maximum restriction so readings can be taken with or without the engine running.

When the desired change-out point is reached, the filter cartridge is easily reset by simply pushing the button at the bottom of the unit. This indicator works equally well on both Petrol and diesel equipment. Economical – Saving one filter change-out can more that cover the cost of the Service Indicator.

It’s a small price for a potentially large gain year after year.
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