FBO 60339 FBO-14 Replacement Silicone Treated / PreFilter Cartridge - 1 Micron

Brand: Racor
Product Code: FBO 60339

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Parker Racor FBO 60339 is 1 micron Filter Silicone Treated / Prefilter Cartridge for FBO 14.

Silicone treated fuel filters remove particle contaminants down to one micron.

Silicone filters can also be used upstream, before a fuel filter/water separator, to extend filter life.
Micron Rating 1
Assembly FBO-14
Element Type Silicone Treated
Cartridge Code F14/1
Product Series Cartridge FF/WS
Brand Racor
For Fluid Type Diesel, Kerosene, Gas
Filter Element Type Silicone Treated
Height 14 in / 35.6 cm
Outside Diameter 6 in / 15.2 cm
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